Secure your website with free SSL certificates

Powered by Lets Encrypt, W3BSPACE customers can apply a FREE SSL certificate to all domains under their hosting account.

SSL Certificates bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s or person’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock icon in the browser address bar that we are all familiar with on secure sites. And it enables the https protocol which allows secure encrypted connections from a web server to the user’s web browser.

Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates protect your sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc. It also:

  1. Keeps data secure between servers & users browsing your site.
  2. Increases your Google Rankings
  3. Builds/Enhances customer trust
  4. Improves conversion rates

How do I get a free SSL certificate for my domain?

If you are a W3BSPACE customer, activating certificates on your domain is easy.

To add your free SSL certificate:

1. Log into your cPanel account. You can do this by heading to by logging into your Client Area >> Services >> Login to cPanel.

2. Under the ‘Security’ section click on the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ icon

Free SSL Certificates

3. Navigate to the domain you would like your SSL applied and click ‘Issue’


That’s it!

If you already have an account you can view the SSL certificate knowledgebase article.

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